May 2016

Part Three: It's Departure Day | PRRT & Me

My treatment day was scheduled for May 19th, so we were flying out the evening of the 16th, which just happened to be my Mom’s 70th birthday. This would give us an arrival in Basel mid-afternoon on Tuesday, so we would have a full day on Wednesday to get the lay of the land in Basel and do a little exploring. Flying Time Our flight over was pretty standard stuff,

Part Two: I'm going to Basel - Now WHAT? | PRRT & Me

I got my acceptance on April 6th for a treatment date of May 19th, so I had about five weeks to pull it together. I was due for my Sando shot on the 8th of April, but, my oncologist deferred it to make sure that my receptors would be good and thirsty for treatment. I did use subcutaneous octreotide up to three days before treatment. Because I need so much

Part One: Getting to Basel | PRRT & Me

As a NET Cancer patient for almost nine years, my decision to go to Basel was not a light decision. Cost was really the biggest barrier for me. But, the stark realization that I didn’t really need a 401k if I were dead became very real. I waited almost two years to get into the Y-90 trial at the University of Iowa, where I have been seen as a patient for

PRRT & Me (Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy and Dawn Marie)

  Greetings everyone, this is is the first post in a series that I will be blogging at about my PRRT experience in Basel, Switzerland. I am a nine-year pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer survivor and will be undergoing my first treatment with Y-90. If you are curious about my history, please visit my profile page. I update that as I have new treatments. This blog will be specifically about my experience