July 2016

Part Eight: Round Two - Dancing with Lu-177 | PRRT & Me

Woah! I wrote a few weeks ago and I thought I’d have plenty of time to blog before I went to Basel for round two and the time slipped away. I am already done with round two. My treatment date was less than six days ago and I am back home in the United States. I am going to detail out some pre-trip items before I launch into the actual treatment.

Why did Steve Jobs die?

by John McDougall, MD Steve Jobs gave tacit permission and encouragement for me to write this newsletter article about the medical and nutritional aspects of his life when he commissioned his biographer to tell a true account. “I wanted my kids to know about me…” “Also, when I got sick, I realized other people would write about me if I died, and they wouldn’t know anything. They’d get it all

Buyer Beware: Surprise Medical Bills

An investigative report from KARE-11 explains how even if you do your research picking an insurance policy, your doctors, clinics and other medical team members may not be in your network or can drop out of the network without your knowledge…and there is nothing you can do about it.

National NET Patient Conference - 2016

The National NET Patient conference will be held Sept 22- 24th in New Orleans. There will be over 20 of the top specialist from around the country flying in to speak at the event. This is a 2-1/2 day event. Come join 600 or more of your fellow Zebras and families. Meet the people in person you have been talking to for years online. Nothing beats being in a room with people

Carcinoid Syndrome Impact Survey

We are excited to participate in the Carcinoid Syndrome Impact Survey, which is designed to help better understand the impact that carcinoid syndrome has on patient lives, while also exploring physicians’ approaches to treating the disease. This survey is groundbreaking in that it brings together the collective efforts of leading national and regional patient advocacy groups: Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (CCF) Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network (NCAN) Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) The Healing