September 2016

Part Nine: Round Two Wrap Up | PRRT & Me

  It’s been a slow, sleepy summer… I’m eight weeks out from round two and happy to report, I am doing well. I won’t lie and say that it’s been all wine and roses the last few weeks. (Mmmm, wine and roses…) I have been *so* tired. The hammer came down during week two and my exhaustion really peaked at week four. It finally started leveling out about week six. I

Q & A About the NETest

Dr. Liu, one of our esteemed NET specialists in the U.S. has a Facebook page where he offers a Question and Answer session once a month. This month, he featured guest Nancy Teixeira, a registered RN who works with Wren Labs to discuss their proprietary NETTest. Questions were asked by moderator Chris Nashville. What is WREN? Wren is a CLIA – approved clinical laboratory that is focused on diagnostic tests