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Mindful Zebra: My Skin Is Telling Me What?

Hey, good looking, have you been noticing subtle changes with your skin? You might want to get your cute booty to the skin doctor ASAP. Patients living with neuroendocrine cancers including carcinoid are frequently familiar with two of the classic symptoms of the disease including flushing and diarrhea. Subtle, often unrecognized symptoms that are often associated with isolated benign diseases can sometimes run concurrent with patients living with neuroendocrine and carcinoid

Meditations for NET Cancer | Mindful Zebra

If there is one simple thing neuroendocrine cancer patients can do to bring more clarity and calmness to our daily lives is meditation. Even five minutes a day provides a number of health benefits including decreased depression, mood regulation, increased focus, pain alleviation, blood pressure reduction, decreased cellular inflammation, and increased compassion. That’s just to name a few! If you want to read about more of the benefits of meditation,