Part Eleven: In front of the eight ball

So, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I posted and for that, I am sorry. I meant to update in May as a one-year anniversary of my first round of treatment and I was still slogging through some side effects. If you remember from the last time, I posted about my third round of treatment being a doozy. It was, and maybe, still is. Let me explain. The double

Part Ten: Round Three was a doozy

I left for Europe a week earlier this time to visit Munich with my sister and Oktoberfest. It was actually her first ever trip to Europe and even though I did round two by myself, it was nice to have the company. We really only had two and a half days in Munich, one day at the festival, one day at Dachau Concentration Camp and the first half day to

Part Nine: Round Two Wrap Up | PRRT & Me

  It’s been a slow, sleepy summer… I’m eight weeks out from round two and happy to report, I am doing well. I won’t lie and say that it’s been all wine and roses the last few weeks. (Mmmm, wine and roses…) I have been *so* tired. The hammer came down during week two and my exhaustion really peaked at week four. It finally started leveling out about week six. I

Part Eight: Round Two - Dancing with Lu-177 | PRRT & Me

Woah! I wrote a few weeks ago and I thought I’d have plenty of time to blog before I went to Basel for round two and the time slipped away. I am already done with round two. My treatment date was less than six days ago and I am back home in the United States. I am going to detail out some pre-trip items before I launch into the actual treatment.

Part Seven: Ten Weeks before Round Two | PRRT & Me

We stayed in Switzerland for a few days after my first round and that was fine. I didn’t really have any side effects, but, I was tired. The only real thing I noticed is that I was having some acid reflux, which I don’t normally have. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have rather just flew home right away and slept for a few days. It was very nice though, we