Coping with Cancer Survey

Northwoods NETs has received a request from East Tennessee State University to share a survey on coping with cancer to our community. Please see the letter and link for this survey below:

Hello, my name is Jameson K. Hirsch, Ph.D., and I am a Clinical Psychologist at East Tennessee State University. I have received approval from the Institutional Review Board at my University to conduct a survey focused on well-being and cancer. Although much is known about the often-negative physical and psychological implications of cancer, less is known about protective factors that might improve health and well-being in persons with or recovering from cancer, caregivers to persons with cancer, and even friends/families of persons with cancer.  We want to learn more about the coping and resilience of all persons “touched by cancer.”

I am requesting your permission, and your assistance, to invite individuals who have cancer, or who are recovering from or in remission from cancer, as well as people caring for those with cancer, or who have loved ones with cancer, to participate in this study by completing a 25-40 minute online survey.  I am hoping you can communicate this opportunity to members of your support group and social network?

Here is the secure link:

The survey is confidential, as I am not requesting email or mailing addresses, phone numbers or any personally identifying information about the individuals in your networks; all participation will be completely anonymous. Instead, I would like you to email my letter of invitation to complete the online survey, on my behalf, to the individuals with cancer in your organization (or those caring for persons with cancer, or relatives/friends of those with cancer, etc). Attached to this email is the letter of invitation you can send to the individuals in your organization – feel free to customize/shorten or cut/paste as necessary.

If you are not the person responsible for approving this type of request, I would very much appreciate if you would forward the name and contact information of the person with whom I should communicate. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you by phone if that would be helpful.

Thank you for your time and support of this project – I think it is critical for us to better understand not only the challenges of coping with cancer for the patient and their families, but to also better understand the adaptive strengths, resiliency and personal growth that we often see in these individuals.

I greatly appreciate your assistance.  Sincerely, Jameson Hirsch

Jameson K. Hirsch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Assistant Chair
Department of Psychology
East Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 70649
Johnson City, TN 37614

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