2017 Indianapolis NET Patient & Caregiver Educational Conference

Event Details

Indianapolis NET Patient & Caregiver Education Conference

The NET Research Foundation’s Patient & Caregiver Educational Conferences draw neuroendocrine cancer patients and caregivers from across the country. Since our first conference in 2009, more than 3,000 attendees have participated in our events, and they continue to provide a vitally needed opportunity for education and fellowship. To ensure there are no financial barriers to participation, all conferences are offered free of charge. The NET Research Foundation typically holds four Patient & Caregiver Educational Conferences per year.

While the agenda for each conference varies based on patient feedback and presenter expertise and availability, all seminars feature a panel of leading clinicians in the fields of oncology, surgery, nutrition, and psychosocial wellness. Each expert typically gives a brief presentation followed by a moderated question and answer session. This unique platform is highly effective at connecting patients and caregivers with physicians who can answer pertinent questions and provide the latest information on neuroendocrine cancer treatment and research. Throughout our conferences, we build in opportunities for attendees to interact with distinguished medical professionals and fellow patients through formally moderated panels, as well as during meals and breaks.

NETRF is also hoping to livestream the event, in case you cannot attend. Please watch this space for further details on the stream.

If you plan on attending, please click here to register.