Google Doodle for NET Cancer Day? Hey, why not?

Recently, while aimlessly browsing on the Internet, I discovered a website that was trying to encourage Google to make November 10th a Google Doodle to help raise awareness of NET Cancer Day. I don’t recall that happening, ever. I figure it’s August, so, now is the time to start getting these types of requests in place. Below, see my sample email that I sent to to suggest November 10th as NET Cancer Day. Why not send a letter of your own?


Hi Google Doodlers,

Worldwide NET Cancer DayNeuroendocrine Tumors (NETS) are rare cancerous lesions that form in endocrine cells and secrete hormones. These tumors can appear anywhere in the digestive tract, lungs, pancreas, adrenal and pituitary glands. Patients who have NETS are frequently misdiagnosed since they will have symptoms that mask as asthma, Crohn’s & IBS.
Since NETS are rare, it’s just not as well known, so doctors miss the symptoms and patients frequently aren’t diagnosed until late stages of the disease. It’s usually metastasized to the liver and other organs. Doctors are taught in medical school, “when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” So, they go to common, easily diagnosed illnesses. This is why our cause “color” for NET Cancer is zebra stripes.
We are appealing to you to consider a Google Doodle for November 10th, NET Cancer Awareness Day. Maybe a cute, mischievous zebra, perhaps? A link to The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation at, the oldest nonprofit organization in the US dedicated to research of this disease, would be awesome.
As an interesting note, this is the same disease that Steve Jobs (Apple) & Dave Thomas (Wendy’s) both succumbed and that Wilco Johnson (Dr. Feelgood) and Dag Kittlaus (Siri) are now battling. Approximately 110,000 Americans are living with this little-known cancer today and approximately 12,00 will be diagnosed with this year.
Thanks for your consideration.
Dawn Marie
Northwoods NETS
Northwoods NETS