NET Cancer & Carcinoid Patient Blogs

The Carcinoid and Neuorendocrine Cancer patients are amazing and proactive. A number of them have blog sites, which are always nice to follow other patients treatment plans. Here are a few that we are aware of. If you know of others, please drop us an email!

Ann Can
A lungnoid diagnosed in February 2012, Ann chronicles her illness on her site.

Beth’s Adventures with Carcinoid Cancer
An overview of Beth’s journey dealing with a rare cancer. She was diagnosed in 2010.

Channeling Jackie-O
Marlena chronicles her day to day life and living with carcinoid cancer in her blog.

Ginger Hollow
Ruth is one of our patients that lives in Wisconsin. She is not a health blogger, but, creates handmade natural and organic soaps, essential oils, herbal and aromatherapy products. Please check out her very cool products.

I Am A Liver
Lindsey’s blog is inspirational. This young woman was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer at the age of 25.

It Could Be Worse…My Life with Carcinoid Cancer
Sharon’s outlook of “it cold be worse, my life with carcinoid cancer” is refreshing and realistic.

Keep The Calm
Diagnosed with both breast and neuroendocrine cancer,  this is one woman’s journey with an aggressive form of this disease.

Lucy’s Noid Blog
Lucy is a thoughtful, prolific and wise patient who was diagnosed in 2006. She is a strong advocate for multiple healing modalities.

My Corner of the Pond
Dani has been an active blogger for a few years now. She writes about her experiences living with Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Pureed PZazz
This blog site is a site of recipes. The author, Lavonne, was diagnosed with a PNET in the late 90s has specific dietary challenges and has developed this great page for eating great and keeping healthy.

Ronny Allen – Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer
Ronny is a blogger who was diagnosed in 2010 and decided to write about his experiences starting in 2014. Since then, he’s published a number of fantastic articles that take very technical topics and make them completely accessible for patients and their families to understand.

Single Mother with NET Cancer
Mitsi writes her blog in both Japanese and English. She was diagnosed with gastric carcinoid and shares her journey of life as a single parent and cancer patient.

Someone I Love Has A Monster
Melanie Hartman passed away in April 2013, but left behind a legacy of a beautiful children’s book.

Susan Anderson’s Carcinoid Cancer Information
The first patient web site dedicated to spread awareness of carcinoid and patient advocacy.


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