Recommended Specialists

Below is a list of some of the doctors that Northwoods NETS members have consulted with. They are doctors that are relatively close to us geographically, but there are also other specialists in the U.S.

Dr. Thomas O’Dorisio
Practicing at the University of Iowa, this specialist is geographically the nearest to us, so many of the Minnesota patients travel to see him. He is an endocrinologist that specializes in this rare cancer and works very closely with other experts and our local oncologists.

Dr. Eric Liu – Rocky Mountain Cancer Center
Recently moving to Colorado, Dr. Eric Liu focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to treat the patient – not just the disease.

Thor Halfdarnason – Mayo – Rochester, MN
Dr. Thor came to Minnesota Mayo in the fall of 2015 after a stint at Mayo in Arizona. He was a resident under Dr. O’Dorisio at the University of Iowa and is very knowledgeable about NETS. He is an excellent resource for patients who’s insurance covers Mayo.

Nebraska Neuroendocrine Tumor Program
A highly respected liver transplant program in Omaha is a central feature to this multi-disciplinary clinic dedicated to the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors.

In other parts of the U.S.

Oschner Neuroendocrine Tumor Program
With a multidisciplinary approach under the tutelage of Dr. Eugene Woltering, this center is the cutting edge for the treatment of neuroendocrine cancers. They are based near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Edward Wolin & Anthony Lowell
Based in Lexington, KY the Neuroendocrine Multidisciplinary Clinic at Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky.

Rodney Pommier
Dr. Pommier is a surgical oncologist based in Portland at the OHSU (Oregon Health & science University).

Richard Warner
The director of the The Mount Sinai Medical Center Center for Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumors and one of the most respected carcinoid specialists in the U.S.

Minnesota Doctors that Patients of Northwoods NETS Consult
Below is a list of local oncologists that work with various patients of Northwoods NETS. These doctors are well-acquainted with our illness and are very amenable to working in tandem with our specialists.

John Seng 
Located in Minneapolis as part of Minnesota Oncology he is an excellent oncologist for our pancreatic neuroendocrine patients.

Vladimir Hugec
Also at Minnesota Oncology, he works out of the Maplewood location. He is very knowledgeable in neuroendocrine cancers.