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If there is one simple thing neuroendocrine cancer patients can do to bring more clarity and calmness to our daily lives is meditation. Even five minutes a day provides a number of health benefits including decreased depression, mood regulation, increased focus, pain alleviation, blood pressure reduction, decreased cellular inflammation, and increased compassion. That’s just to name a few! If you want to read about more of the benefits of meditation, visit Live and Dare.

Below is a list of some excellent meditations that you can do at home.

Mindfulness Bell | A Five Minute Meditation
This meditation uses an ancient bell sounds to help focus and clear your mind. This is one of my favorite styles of meditation, particularly if I feel agitated or restless.

The Ice Treatment for Stress | Meditate With Us
Seriously, if you are stressed out, using an ice pack over your liver area will help calm you down and can aid in meditation. Give it a whirl!

Small Universe Meditation | Spring Forest Qigong
This is a meditation from Spring Forest Qigong. This form of qigong was developed by Master Chunyi Lin, a Minnesota resident, and is a wonderful transformative way to meditate.

Legs Up The Wall | Yoga with Adriene
Adriene is one of my favorite yogis and in this short video she shows a very simple yoga pose that is very meditative called “legs up the wall.” If mobility isn’t an issue, this pose will help reduce edema and fatigue, but more importantly, it calms your nervous system and quiets your mind. This is a great pose to combine with the Mindfulness Bell meditation above.

Healing Cancer Meditation | Guided Meditation
This is a 20 minute meditation that helps guide you through a meditation that focuses on healing cancer.

Tibetan Bowls | Zen Life Relax
This is a two-hour long meditation that uses primordial sound to guide you. It is super relaxing and one my favorites.

I will add more to this page as time goes on, but, here are a few that I have personally done and recommend.


Namaste, Dawn Marie

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