Zebra Talk

Zebra Talk is a wonderful, patient-friendly guide on the world of neuroendocrine cancer. Featuring information and tips on navigating this disease from diagnoses to treatments. Below is a note from the editor, Suzi Garber. “This booklet is intended as a reference for those newly diagnosed with NETs, in the process, or hoping to explore this bewildering world. It is also a guide to resources that can empower patients through knowledge

Neuroendocrine Tumors From the Neuroendocrine Tumor Clinic at the Nebraska Medical Center discusses basic information about neuroendocrine tumors. Nebraska Medical Center’s Neuroendocrine Tumor Program Luce Case talks about the services provided at their multi-disciplinary center. Nutrition Essentials for Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients What to eat and why when living with neuroendocrine tumors. OncLive discusses the treatment regimen of PRRT Doctors Eric Liu, Matthew Kulke and James Yao discuss this important treatment option

The Carcinoid and Neuorendocrine Cancer patients are amazing and proactive. A number of them have blog sites, which are always nice to follow other patients treatment plans. Here are a few that we are aware of. If you know of others, please drop us an email! Ann Can A lungnoid diagnosed in February 2012, Ann chronicles her illness on her site. Beth’s Adventures with Carcinoid Cancer An overview of Beth’s

The links below are great places to visit for both the newly diagnosed and the for those wanting to keep up to date on the latest treatments available.  Carcinoid Cancer Foundation The oldest organization in the U.S. that supports education and research into these rare cancers. Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network Providing support and information for NET cancer patients and caregivers. This group helps to organize educational conferences around the U.S.