Octreotide protocol for surgery

People who are dealing with neuroendocrine tumors of any kind, be it PNET or carcinoid are prone to special complications that can arise during surgical procedures, even as simple as a root canal or a colonoscopy. These complications can cause the patient to go into carcinoid crisis, a very real and life threatening situation. Below are a list of recommendations that some of the NET experts tell anesthesiologists before working on NET patients.

Several of our expert doctors weigh in on their preferred protocols.

Dr. Eugene Woltering’s Protocol
Heading up the Neuroendocrine Tumor program as LSU, Woltering’s mutli-disciplinary team uses this protocol.

Dr. Tom O’Dorisio’s Protocol
Endocrinologist and wizard, O’Dorisio’s team follows this protocol for NET surgeries.

Dr. Rodney Pommier’s Protocol
Surgical mastermind in Portland, Dr. Pommier discusses his use and research of octreotide protocol during surgeries for neuroendocrine patients.