PRRT Centers around the World

If you are considering PRRT (Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy) you know that it is still not available in the United States in 2016. We are hopeful that it will pass FDA regulation in 2017, but, even then, it may take six months or more before insurers have the codes and are no longer considering it “investigational.” If you need treatment, do not delay waiting for it’s possible FDA approval. We recommend considering medical tourism. Check this ever-growing list of centers around the world that offer this treatment. Many of these centers have been already treating patients for two decades.

Australia – Perth 
This Australian center has been using PRRT for over twenty years and is currently doing a study combining PRRT and Cap-Tem to study the long-term outcomes of patients living with neuroendocrine cancer. Also, at the time of writing, the Australian dollar is weaker and may provide less expensive access to this treatment modality than Europe.

Germany – Bad Berka
This site is maintained by patients Josh Mailman and Gary Murfin and focuses mainly on the treatment in Bad Berka, Germany. This link brings you directly to the center’s website.

Germany – Berlin
Berlin has an active center that also treats patients with PRRT as part of the Charité University Hospital.

Iran – Bushehr
Bushehr Iodine Therapy and Radionuclide Center (Bushehr University of Medical Sciences) is available for our patients living in Iran. This center has offered PRRT since 2016. They offer 177 Lu-DOTATE therapy, along with other treatments for thyroid diseases, bone mets, liver cancer and more.

Netherlands – Rotterdam 
The Erasmus Center in Rotterdam is the first place PRRT was practiced. A Center of Excellence for ENETS (European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society), it is a busy center with many years of experience.

Switzerland – Basel
This is a very active center and the choice of centers for a couple of our U.S. specialists to send patients to. They offer Lu-177 treatment only at this time.

Singapore – Singapore
Singapore General Hospital has a very modern facility and has been providing PRRT for neuroendocrine tumor patients for many years. They offer both Y-90 and Lu-177 therapies.

Sweden – Uppsala 
Known for their research in neuroendocrine tumors, this center in Sweden has an excellent multidisciplinary team. Their website contains much necessary information about the various types of neuroendocrine tumors and treatment.

Turkey – Istanbul 
The University Hospital of Istanbul has been offering PRRT with LU177 for patients since 2010. Dr. Levent Kabasakal and his team provide treatment at Cerrahpaşa University Hospital and also in İstanbul Oncology Hospital. This is an affordable, high quality option for patients who require treatment.

United Kingdom – London 
Royal Free Hospital has been treating patients with PRRT for a number of years and has been a European Centre of Excellence since 2010.

United States – Houston
Excel Diagnostics is offering Lu 177 as part of their PRRT regimen in Houston. They have been one of the principle centers trialing this therapy in order to get FDA approval in the US. Please be advised, that until this treatment is FDA-approved, it is possible that your insurance may not cover treatment.

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