Uniform Standard of Care for Physicians – stop HMO and Insurance Carrier Abuse

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Petition Background

Congress should mandate that ANY PHYSICIAN WHO USES HIS/HER MEDICAL LICENSE IN A CAPACITY IN WHICH THE PHYSICIAN’S DECISION(S) OR ACTION(S) AFFECT THE CARE OF THE PATIENT SHOULD BE HELD TO THE SAME STANDARD(S) OF CARE AS THE PHYSICIAN(S) WHO DIRECTLY CARE FOR THE PATIENT. Currently, physicians who are hired by insurance carriers, HMO’s and other health care entities for the purpose of COST-CONTAINMENT are not held to the same standard(s) of care as the physician(s) who care directly for the patient. Were Congress to mandate a uniformly high standard of care for all physicians who use their medical license to influence patient care, decision-making standards would improve and patients would benefit dramatically.

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