Northwoods NETS is a growing 501(c)3 organization located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We serve our immediate state of Minnesota along with surrounding states that currently have no active support groups such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and North and South Dakota. We have a number of initiatives that we are putting in place in 2017 and we could use your help!

  • Special Event Volunteer: Someone who wants to occasionally help with a special events. Medium commitment level. We will email those people when a special event volunteer opportunity arises. These would be things like helping to coordinate fundraising events, and speakers.
  • Monthly Support Group Host: This person would be interested in 4+ volunteer opportunities per year. The host is responsible for greeting and welcoming newcomers to support and speaker meetings and managing the meetings. High commitment level. Training required.
  • Virtual Volunteer: This position would require no in person commitment – volunteer to help with online activities, events, and fundraising. Low-medium commitment level. Requires access to internet. Online training meeting required.
  • Program Coordinator: We wish to support our patient communities with very specific targeted programs. We need someone who is willing to help spearhead these initiatives.
  • Board Member: High commitment level – at least four in-person meetings a year, along with Skype and/or phone conversations intermittently.

If any of these positions interests you, please contact us!