2014 NET Patient Conference has been announced

A conference that includes all types of neuroendocrine tumor patients including mid-gut ‘noids, Lungnoids, P-Net patients and more. get ready for another fantastic lineup featuring over 20 world class NET experts presenting the information you need to make informed decisions about your health.

Some of the topics are brand-new and just published, sprinkled in with advice from the experts on the top issues faced by NET patients. Topics that will be covered welcome an audience of all levels, including patients, family members and caretakers of patients, as well as physicians and other health professionals.

Plus, you’ll get to network with hundreds of other patients who understand what you are going through and share your concerns.

This is a perfect opportunity to build your knowledge and become a better advocate for your health!

See our event page for more information.

Northwoods NETS
Northwoods NETS