October 2014

NET Cancer Day Selfie!

One of the activities of the International NET Cancer Alliance for this year’s NET Cancer Day on November 10th (Monday) will be a streaming of photos from social media using the hashtag #NETCancerDay to form a Slide Show on the NET Cancer Day website. Doing this will help us show to the world the astonishing diversity of Neuroendocrine disorders, emphasizing the often long periods of time before gaining a diagnosis,

PRESS RELEASE: Governor Dayton Proclaims November 10th NET CANCER DAY

NORTHWOODS NETS Welcome info@northwoodsnets.org Press Release Contact: Dawn Marie Peterson Email: dawnmarie@northwoodsnets.org Phone: 612.314.9997 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7:30 A.M. CST, October 11, 2014 GOVERNOR MARK DAYTON PROCLAIMS NOVEMBER 10, 2014 AS NET CANCER DAY MINNEAPOLIS, MN OCTOBER 11, 2014: Northwoods NETS is honored to announce that Governor Mark Dayton has signed a proclamation naming Sunday, November 10, 2013 as NET Cancer Day for the third year in a row. Worldwide,