Keeping track of your health just got easier!

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce that a new unique tool for carcinoid/NETs patients and their caregivers is now available!

The Carcinoid NETs self-care tool, powered by Health Storylines™ allows you to track your mood, symptoms, and more, on the same timeline as your treatment. The Carcinoid NETs app makes sure you have an accurate, shareable record of your experience between physician visits, and helps you and your care team discover the treatment strategies that are working best for you.

With the Carcinoid NETs app, you can engage in a range of Health Tools that help you better manage your health:

  • Set medication reminders so you don’t forget a to take them
  • Track symptoms to monitor how you’re doing over time
  • Remember important dates and events related to your health with a   health calendar
  • Note your health concerns so you don’t forget your questions the next time you visit your doctor
  • Use a food photo blog to become more mindful of what you eat, and record if certain foods cause heath reactions
  • Take a snapshot of all your important health documents and access them easily on the app anytime, anywhere
  • Document your health and daily living with a journal
  • Invite the people who care for you to connect as part of your Circle of Support. Share your progress with them in real time. Let them empower you with their support and encouragement, give you a boost when you need it, and celebrate your milestones.

Learn more about this exciting new tracking feature for your Android, iPhone and coming-very-soon desktop application at Carcinoid Cancer Foundation‘s blog.

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