Part Seven: Ten Weeks before Round Two | PRRT & Me

We stayed in Switzerland for a few days after my first round and that was fine. I didn’t really have any side effects, but, I was tired. The only real thing I noticed is that I was having some acid reflux, which I don’t normally have. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have rather just flew home right away and slept for a few days. It was very nice though, we

Part Six: Treatment Day Two & Three | PRRT & Me

Making it through Day One with little to no side effects felt like a massive accomplishment. Neither my roomie or I suffered any ill effects from the amino acids drip prior to the PRRT treatment. Some patients do, some patients don’t. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we ate our breakfasts and were each brought down to imaging to have an octreoscan done. The doctor had told me prior

Part Five: Treatment Day | PRRT & Me

My invitation letter requested that I check into the nuclear medicine ward on the fourth floor on Thursday at 9:30 am. I got there a little earlier so that I could find the finance office to pay my deposit on my treatment. The finance office is in the basement of the hospital and they ran my credit card, which I prayed wouldn’t get declined. It didn’t, which was probably the

Part Four: First Day in Basel | PRRT & Me

Our first night in Basel When we woke up from our naps, we head down to the Marketplatz. There are a couple of ways to get there. When you walk out the front door of Rochat, take a left and walk to the alley, also known as Peterkirshplatz. When you get to the adjacent street, known as Petersgasse (and Nadelberg depending on where you are) you can either take the

Part Three: It's Departure Day | PRRT & Me

My treatment day was scheduled for May 19th, so we were flying out the evening of the 16th, which just happened to be my Mom’s 70th birthday. This would give us an arrival in Basel mid-afternoon on Tuesday, so we would have a full day on Wednesday to get the lay of the land in Basel and do a little exploring. Flying Time Our flight over was pretty standard stuff,