Patient PRRT Stories
Ed is a blogger who has detailed out his journey with Carcinoid Cancer. He recently underwent three rounds of PRRT at Houston’s MD Anderson. While this treatment is not approved in the US at the time of writing, it is allowable under the “right to try” treatments. He has posted details of his first, second and third treatments.

Flush Poop PRRT
Polly Newman wrote an excellent and detailed account of her visit to Basel Switzerland for her treatment. The link above will download a PDF file of her account with great tips for travel, hospitalization and treatment.

Lucy’s Noid Blog
One of the things I like best about Lucy’s blog is her discussion about PRRT and insurance coverage in the US. She is a prolific blogger and has been doing so for many years, so dig deep into her archives. There are loads of gems there.

My Road to Basel
Written back in 2009 by Terry Yake, he writes his detailed account about his experience with PRRT in Basel. Be sure to check out his Basel pictures, too!

Written by Dawn Marie, one of the members of Northwoods NETS. This ongoing series details out the process of getting accepted into the program in Basel, Switzerland, traveling tips and ideas and how the actual process of the treatment.

Mark is a NET patient that writes a lot about his experience with the disease and his experience with PRRT treatment at Royal Free Hospital in England.